My 12 Week Supplement Plan

Supplements can be utilized to help you reach your goal whether your a newbie or bodybuilder. Its essential for every workout plan to include protein (whey, isolate, casein), amino acids, vitamins, pre workout, post workout (recovery), fish oil, carbs, fruits and vegetables. Having a strong foundation of supplements will help build muscle, loss fat, and promote energy. Promote muscle growth during your weight loss fitness plan.

My new workout plan starts monday (previous post) but these are the supplements Ive been taking and will take during the plan. Ive  included the link to each product if you would like more information about the ingredients.

Link nutritional information on each product MUSCLE PHARM PRODUCT DESCRIPTIONS

Muscle Pharm Assualt – My pre work out supplements

Muscle Pharm Combat Powder – Protein

Muscle Pharm Recon – Recovery

Muscle Pharm Armor V – Multi Vitamins

Muscle Pharm ZMA Max – Promotes deep healing sleep

Muscle Pharm BCAA – Promotes muscle development and maintenance

4 thoughts on “My 12 Week Supplement Plan

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