Five Successful Steps For a Beginner’s Fitness Plan

My 5 Steps to Success

1. Get off the couch. Working out 4-5 days with 30 minute of cardio will certainly help you reach your fitness goal. It’s amazing how much time we waste just by watching TV. Even if you’re not at the gym calories can be burned by cleaning the house, washing the car, mowing the yard, be active during your day.

2. Know your workout. Have a plan at the gym and know how to properly do each exercise. Is your form correct? Many gyms offer 1-2 free PT session when you sign up for a membership, take advantage. Build a relationship with the staff most times they will help you if you have question about a certain exercise.

3. Know what your eating. You are your biggest obstacle when it comes to weight loss. Know the food you’re putting into your body. Have a balanced plan of fruits, vegetables, carbs, proteins and fats. Supplementation is equally important vitamins, fish oil, protein powder, amino acids, pre and post workout powders. There are many online resource guides or consult your doctor before you take any supplements.

4. Track your results. This to me is the biggest one. I still have my notebook from every work out when I lost 65 pounds, that may be too extreme for some, or  track how many miles you run or use a pedometer at work. I enjoyed beating myself.

5.  No excuses. Everyone knows what excuses are like….  and everyone has one!

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