Low Carb Diets

We’ve all heard of the low carb diet and most seasoned dieters probably have tried one. Personally Ive tried low carb diets over the years but are they really the best diet? Say goodbye to whole grains and make room for steak, is that really a better way to diet? Recent popularity of low carb diet comes from the rapid weight loss in the first couple of weeks, which is the goal of any diet. Losing fat quickly isn’t going to deter anyone from trying a low carb diet. Depriving yourself from whole grains sometimes called the “no bread diet” resonates with dieters to eat all the protein you want, while avoiding carbs. What are the long term effects from eating mostly protein, low fiber and low carbs. As with most diets, dieters avoid junk food which for most of us thats all it takes to lose weight.

Low carb diets offers in my opinion limits the amount of nutrients and vitamins the body needs. I tend to go into phases of going low carb versus good carbs, this back and forth is challenging. I found that if I go on a traditional diet vs a low carb diet I tend to cheat less and crave less. Everything in moderation isn’t a bad thing, I’ve managed to lose 65 pounds and I still eat pizza and junk food, but in moderation with regular activity. The low carb movement if anything provided us with more education about which carbs have more nutritional value like a sweet potato rather than a baked potato. Low carb diets in the long run don’t outperform traditional diets. Traditional diets incorporate more fruits, vegetables and essential carbs. You will never get fat from eating to many vegetables. Personally Ive lost weight doing a traditional diet and low carb diet,  I lose more at first with the low carb diet but with the traditional diet I had more energy and I felt better. For those of us hitting the gym trying to put on muscle, CARBS ARE GOOD. Recently many articles have been published warning against low carb diets of their added risk of kidney/liver disorders, heart disease, diabetes and stroke. Low carbohydrate diets may also result in low fiber intake from a sharp reduction in plant-based food consumption. This can lead to constipation and bowel issues. In addition, a drop in fruit, vegetables, legumes and grain consumption can result in inadequate phytonutrient, antioxidant, vitamin C and potassium intake. Many (but not all) low carbohydrate diets have these problems.

While weight loss is an important goal, choosing a healthy way to lose the weight and keep it off is what really counts. To achieve permanent weight loss you must change your lifestyle. There is not a “magic” cure or fix. It is purely & simply a matter of deciding to make these lifestyle changes and sticking with them!  This means following a lower calorie diet that includes grains, legumes, fruits, and vegetables combined with participating in regular physical activity. A healthy diet consists of foods that are rich in vitamins and minerals, such as fruits and vegetables, complex carbohydrates and healthy fats. Complex carbs help to keep blood sugar levels steady, preventing increased cravings which can lead to over-eating and increased daily caloric intake. Eat healthy fats, such as those found in fatty fish and nuts, in moderation and avoid or limit unhealthy saturated fats from in ice-cream or high-fat dairy products. No one food needs to be completely “wiped out” of your diet. Moderation is the key.  Regular physical activity helps decrease the risk of several health conditions, such as high blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease. In addition, it helps to alleviate stress, promote relaxation, decrease fatigue and increase energy levels. Aim to include 30 minutes of regular physical activity into your day and you’ll see results.


3 thoughts on “Low Carb Diets

  1. Well said. I will reinforce your statement:
    “Carbohydrates are required for optimal regulation of absorptive protein metabolism.‭ ‬The anabolic effect of protein is increased ‬with carbohydrate consumption. This basically means that you need carbohydrates to effectively absorb the protein you take in. This explains how an increased intake of carbohydrate with protein naturally leads to‭ ‬increased synthesis of amino acids and‭ ‬the‭ ‬tendency toward‭ ‬higher‭ ‬protein storage for muscle growth and recovery.”
    This is from a post I made regarding the importance of carbohydrates.

    • Thanks for the comment spencer! Yes very true and personally I get better gains with carbs. This post ties in with my amino acid supplement post. All protein, fats, carbs, fiber,sugar etc plays a role in a successful diet.

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