How many calories do you burn playing the Wii

I came across an article about how calories can be burned just by playing the Wii. Im a believer in any exercise is better than no exercise but burning calories playing video games, I had to try. I had never played the Wii up until yesterday, I’ve missed out greatly over the last couple of years it was a lot of fun. I use a nike fuel band to track my calories and borrowed a friends Wii. I rented the boxing game because according to the article that was the most calories burned. After 15 minutes I burned 141 calories I couldn’t believe it. I cannot believe I haven’t played the Wii up until now it was so much fun, now I have to buy one. Think outside the box and give it a try if anything you’ll have a lot of fun.

15 Minutes of Wii

Boxing 125 calories, 500 calories per hour

Tennis 95 calories, 380 calories per hour

Bowling 75 calories 300 calories per hour

Im sure if you get your friends involved for some friendly competition you will burn even more calories.

Here is a video of Wii Boxing (this is not me but I felt the same way when I played)

Wii Boxing

Here is a link to the Wii Fit Calorie Quiz

Here is a link to the original article.

Article Link


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