Mix up your cardio with the Stairmaster

We can all agree that incorporating cardio into your weekly routine will help burn fat and calories, but which one is the best. Starting a new weight loss plan or just being a gym rookie can be quite intimating at the gym. The fear of most beginners at the gym doesn’t come from the lack of ability but the lack of knowledge on the benefits of the different cardio equipment. The key to any successful workout is sustaining a high heart rate. Break your own personal mental barriers, try something new. Some equipment can be more taxing than others but thats a good thing. Once I feel my body getting use to an exercise I change it(stair master, elliptical, step master, lap pool, treadmill, spin class, etc) Never let your body get use to doing the same exercise over and over you will not see the results as fast.

So what are the benefits from using the stair master. First its hard especially if you haven’t done cardio in awhile. Climbing stairs alone can be taxing but doing it for 30 minutes is a workout. Leg workouts usually burn the most calories and the stair master aims at the leg muscles with different levels of intensity and speed. The stair master is great for the cardiovascular system because of the fat burn and muscle strain on the leg muscles. Specifically the stair master aims at your hamstring, gluteal and abdominal muscles. Depending on your pace and intensity you can burn 300-500 calories in 30 minutes. Personally for me it helped me burn body fat especially in the abdominals and built a cardio endurance for other cardio equipment.  Once you sustain a good balance on the stair master try doing without the side rails its great for balance and a calorie burn. Whenever you start a new routine track your progress always try beat yourself the next time at the gym. Try the stair master the next time your at the gym, let me know how it goes!!!



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