My Hamburger vs Five Guys Hamburger

I was at five guys the other day treating myself to a little hamburger as they call it with just ketchup mustard pickle onion lettuce and tomato. I was good I didn’t add all the extra toppings sautéed onions mayo bbq etc. Im standing there watching my burger cook on the flat top grill and I started to think about how many calories I saved by just not getting the premium toppings. I grab the nutritional guide and was blown away by the calories in the hamburger 480 calories it was the size of a regular mcdonalds hamburger. Five Guys is by far a better tasting burger but it made me think can I make the same burger with less calories.

Okay so the next day at Publix I picked up 90/10 ground sirloin, reduced sugar ketchup, low carb whole wheat buns and my favorite seasoning salt for flavor. I added up all the calories for my burger extra lean ground sirloin 45 calories per 1oz, reduced sugar ketchup 5 calories per tbsp, low carb whole wheat buns 90 calories per bun. The mustard, lettuce, tomato, pickle and onion wasn’t factor into the total but we all know thats not going to break the bank. So the serving size is a 1/4 lb burger so 180 calories, lets do 3 tbsp to make it interesting 15 calories, and one bun 90 calories. Okay the meat bun and ketchup add up to 285 calories plus condiments your around 315 calories saving about 175 calories. Although the five guys burger obviously is going to taste better then low calorie burger, it wasn’t bad and it reduced my urge to go back to five guys.

If we all made a conscious decision like that just 3x times a week that would add up to 28080 calories for the year, saving yourself 8 LBS per year just on FIVE GUYS. Surprisingly the mcdonalds hamburger is just 250 calories. Its not about what you eat sometimes its about where you go to eat it.

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